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katieDAMRONpotter potter

Allston MA

hello! i'm katieDAMRONpotter, and i am a full-time professional traveling model & photographer located out of Fallston, MD. my passion on the model's side of the lens is in the fine art, artistic and editorial/fashion nude genres - at 5'3", 93 lbs., fair skin, red hair, blue eyes, and plenty of ink, i tend to stick out in a crowd. my posing is based on a lifetime of ballet and modern dance training, i'm kinetic and fluid, i like to emphasize the "moments between the moments" that people usually miss. i love to climb things, defy gravity, jump and utilize my insanity - hey, whatever works, right? as a photographer, i'm just as adventurous and unique, with a completely different approach to my madness. i decided to start shooting when i realized that it would be almost physically impossible to create genuine art without knowing exactly what was happening on both sides of the lens. after having worked with so many photographers as a model, i taught myself the majority of everything i know by listening to the photographers that were shooting me (they tend to talk to themselves - i definitely do), throwing myself into learning and shooting during every minute not spent on the other side of the camera, and working with as many people and whatever styles crossed my path. after a few years of refinement, i finally felt like i developed my "look" - and not unlike my modeling - i tend to gravitate towards fine art, artistic/abstract and editorial photography - often involving nudes. i am not, however, limited to artistic photography. within the industry, i'm really well-rounded. my mind is filled with little bubbles of knowledge that float around in subjective oceans of the artistic fathoms - i'll be your navigator, your teacher, your inspiration and your solution - art that twists and turns through everything the eyes can and cannot see.