Katie Schwartz


Katie Schwartz is a comedy writer, producer and essayist.

New essay/conversation with Jesus published in Monkeybicycle.

Check out Katie's new column, "Is It Jewish?" over at Heeb Magazine! The second installation of Is It Jewish? has been published.

Schwartz is writing for Heeb Magazine. Check out her first piece, Zayde's First Blowjob." (Zayde = grandfather)

Schwartz is writing a new column for Monkeybicycle called "Obit, You're It! Earl Stanrankowski, Declan,

To read some of Schwartz's latest essays: Relax, Jesus Loves You, What Just Happened, The First Time I Got Felt Up, Finding Normal, If You Like It, Don't Put A Ring On It, I Plug You That Much, The Ass, The Nymph, The Nerve, Be My Posthumous Friend, Transvadge Apocalypse and Tits on the Table.

Katie's latest original series is a Homeland spoof comedy, LAW OF THE LAND. Executive produced by, FKR.TV. Co-created/co-written by this dame, me, Schwartz.

Katie's latest column, I Don't Drink Nearly As Much As I Should, ongoing tales about the gran