Katie Unger

Strategic Consultant for Social Justice in Brooklyn, New York

Incisive Advice and Analysis / Effective Strategy / Training and Capacity Building/ Smart Research /Creative and Tenacious Execution / Dynamic Writer and Speaker

What is standing in the way of your organization building the power you need to make the change you’re fighting for? Together we’ll formulate and tackle the hard questions to get to the heart of your issue, and help your organization clarify the vision, goals, and steps to move your cause forward. Wherever you are in the process, our collaboration will move your organizing or advocacy to the next phase.

I bring a lifetime of activism and deep experience in investigative research, tactical development, and strategic campaigning to my work with your leadership, staff, and members.

Through a mix of assessment and planning processes, training or coaching, and partnering with your leadership team on campaign strategy and development, we’ll lay out the concrete steps that will make your organization stronger and ready for the next challenge:

● FROM VISION TO PLAN: You know your issue and have a vision for a solution. Now how do you craft a campaign to win?

● FROM ISSUE TO TARGET: It’s time to pick a target. How will you make the most strategic choice and what’s the research and planning you need to get there?

● FROM TREADING WATER TO MOVING FORWARD: Your campaign or message has hit a speed-bump or a plateau. How will you assess what you’ve done and plan for the next phase to achieve your goal?

● FROM THE PROBLEM TO THE CAUSE: It’s time to dig in deeply. How will you expose the company, money, or people responsible for the injustice you’re fighting?

● FROM IDEA TO EXECUTION: How will you develop and execute the campaign tactics that will move your campaign forward?

● FROM IN THE WEEDS TO SEEING THE FOREST AND THE TREES: As an organizational leader deep in the day-to-day of your organization, how can fresh perspectives and outside eyes help you find the path to move your work forward?

● FROM WORKING HARDER TO WORKING SMARTER: You want your staff or members to gain skills and tools to build strategy, assess power, investigate your issues, and execute. Through working in collaboration with your team, training and coaching, how can we raise the bar for working smarter?

  • Education
    • Yale University