Katie Van De Vijver

Brussels Belgium

I'm Katie.

I support Expat Spouses who feel lost, lonely and directionless in their new life abroad. I encourage them to switch seats and to become the pilot of their plane again. I help them to take back their identity, confidence and sense of purpose and create a mobile lifestyle they can take with them anywhere. I inspire them to love life no matter where in the world.

As a former expat, partner of an expat and returning home expat, I've been through this. I know what it feels like to arrive in a new country without any cultural, social and psychological preparation. What it feels like to be swimming in a new language and culture with nothing that really belongs to you; to lose your identity when you follow your spouse without the anchor and fulfillment of work.

After we defined your objectives, we can start working together during 3 or 6 months. We gently shake things up, just until you experience these enjoyable "Oh, I See!"- moments. From that point on, we set up action plans and I'll give you tools and wise cracking advice that will get you to the next phase.

I'm also an absolute believer that bringing your "whole you" to the table is the secret to success. So daring to use your personality, creativity, professionalism and not to forget… your sense of humor is what I (will) encourage you to do!

So let's talk-mail-skype...in English, Dutch or French. I'd love to help.


  • Education
    • Economics-Marketing
    • Certified Life Coach at Certified Coaching Federation
    • Strategic Interventionist at Anthony Robbins-Cloe Madanes Coaching
    • Business School for Online Entrepreneurs at Marie Forleo RHH