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Startup Storyteller and Pitch deck guy in Honolulu, HI

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Recently I was flattered to be described as a Startup Whisperer.

We all need a skill, I guess.

In just a few minutes, I can help an entrepreneur distill their dream into a spitfire 25-word story that builds instant excitement about the true value of their business... and induces prospective investors and customers to the edge of their seats to learn about the possibilities.

This is important.

Is that person at the bar a prospective investor, employee, or customer? Can they help you? Or are they just sizing you up to get a free drink?

Hook them with a good “bar pitch", and the right people will crave to pull more from you (including to see your deck or offer you money). Mis-pitch and you’ve lost them forever in 30 seconds.

I’ve worn a lot of hats.

Founded + exited companies, built products, angel-invested in dozens of startups, designed hundreds of pitch decks, and practiced a little law.

But Startup Whispering is a fun spidey sense to have. If you’re interested in talking, reach out.


Joey Katzen is an entrepreneur and attorney* whose expertise has been instrumental in the founding, growth, and exit of multiple Inc-500 companies. He is a volunteer Lead Mentor at Hawaii-based Blue Startups and a Board Member of Honolulu-based Hawaii Angels.

Find me on for a one-time convo, or reach out to me on LinkedIn for a longer engagement.


Joey Katzen on How to Perfect Your Pitch
Interview with Joey, Lead Mentor @ Blue Startups


* Licensed in the US states of Hawaii and Virginia.

  • Education
    • University of Virginia School of Law
    • Georgia Institute of Technology