Joey Katzen

Startup Storyteller in Honolulu, HI

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I’ve started, built, and sold companies. I’ve worn many hats.

But my first love is storytelling.

While I’ve cut my teeth in the founding and growth of multiple Inc. 500 startups, what excites me most is distilling new or difficult concepts into readily accessible
verbal and visual stories that others can’t say no to.

My experience ranges from visual design to engineering. From product concepting to law*. And from writing to business and logistics. I’ve been a CEO, Chief Product Officer, Head of Branding, coder, attorney, and more.

What I’ve learned from all this has become my core philosophy: that to win the day, the only thing you need to do—frankly the only thing that matters—is to Build FOMO.

A "Fear of Missing Out".


Currently Joey is a Lead Mentor at Blue Startups, and is an adviser to several young businesses, including LA-based CoastalCo, Atlanta-based MomSquad, and Honolulu-based AxessPoint.

* Licensed in the US states of Hawaii and Virginia.

  • Education
    • University of Virginia School of Law
    • Georgia Institute of Technology