Saree Kayne

Stanford, California, United States

Saree Kayne is currently working toward a PhD in cultural anthropology at Stanford University, with scheduled graduation in 2017. She completed her undergraduate studies with honors at University of Chicago, where she undertook interdisciplinary studies that spanned subjects from history to philosophy of science. Saree Kayne’s doctoral research is focused on the International Olympic Committee and how its culture affects the way the games are presented to the public. She is currently planning a doctoral research trip to Sochi, Russia, related to the 2014 Winter Olympic Games.

Ms. Kayne has gained extensive internship experience and held a role at the Democratic National Convention in 2004, escorting members of Congress around Boston’s Fleet Center. The following summer she completed an internship under Hillary Rodham Clinton. Working in the former New York Senator’s Manhattan office, she handled diverse constituent issues, such as housing, Social Security, and education. Ms. Kayne also has past internship experience with the Kayne ERAS Center in Culver City, California. In this capacity, she supported the classroom efforts of elementary school teachers working with children with developmental disabilities and from disadvantaged backgrounds. In her free time, she enjoys cooking farm-to-table dishes and maintains a vegetable garden.

  • Work
    • Stanford University
  • Education
    • University of Chicago