Emmanuel Olukayode Ogunremi

Business Information Technology Analyst in Lagos, Nigeria

Greetings, I’m Emmanuel Olukayode. I am a fan of technology, innovation, and politics. I get my energy from realizing ideas in entrepreneurial environments where there is a higher cause. I am interested in people, ideas, and ventures that have the potential to create a better world of work. My focus is on global change, social impact, purpose, and authentic leadership.

Kayode is an ardent and highly motivated young professional. He has interests in creative technologies, research and development. Enthusiastic about the web and innovative technologies with significant experience in geographic information systems to process and analyze data for decision making, economic and enterprise competitiveness.

He has skills that enable me work in a digital environment and embrace technology as it evolves.
He believes that his discipline, intellectual curiosity, resourcefulness, and keen sense for organizational priorities and business needs, will add immense value to the work of any organization.
Best in a job where I can work with other people, and have some level of both independence and collaboration in decision-making.
He always seek new ways of adding value to the work of organizations through the application of my wide range of skills and competencies
He is available to join a diverse group of people and welcome new challenges.
Interested in collaborative problem solving responsibilities.
Kayode has passion for Africa’s development.
His career goal is to bring to bear the skills and wealth of experience to improve social services in the world.

Also, he is passionate about leading the next generation of youths who will be using technology and innovation to solve our local - social problems. His goals is to play a role in enabling the technology ecosystem achieve it’s potential in Africa.

Kayode works every day to change people’s lives in meaningful ways.

He is open-minded and love to engage in intelligent conversations with people and share knowledge, Please feel free to connect with me!

Kayode is human and he is kind. He is not perfect, but if you ask him to be your friend, he will do whatever is needed to be the best friend you'll ever find!

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