Keith Burnell

Web Developer and Software Engineer in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Keith is a guy who loves and is passionate about writing code. He takes pride in his craft and spends his free time learning new technologies and finding ways to write better code and do his part in ridding the world of stinky code.

Keith’s primary focus during his almost 20-year developer journey has been in creating enterprise web and mobile applications. He has been a Microsoft MVP, featured multiple times in MSDN Magazine, and has authored courses for Pluralsight.

He also a big believer in the development community. He regularly speaks at local user groups and events as well as national and international conferences. He is an original founder and core team member of That Conference, NFP which is responsible for the annual ‘Summer Camp for Geeks’ (

Keith has two wonderful daughters and is married to his high school sweetheart who will always be way out of his league. When not slinging code, he enjoys spending time with his family, martial arts, soccer, running, and biking.