Karan Bhatia

Writer, Director, and Consultant in Surat, India

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I'm kinda sorta wish-to-be like the persons described in that Ad released by Steve Jobs and Apple Computers, titled "Here's to the Crazy Ones"

yellow is just brighter orange

orange is just mellower red

red is just passionate yellow

blue water mixes well with yellow earth for lush greenery

water is life

blue is life

red is passion

orange is energy

green is goal

yellow is faith

mix faith with passion for energy!

Verbose / Grandiose / Prone to Suspicion / Quick Thinker / Even Quicker to Judge / Assumes the Worst / Hopes for the Best / Self Obsessed / Perfection Seeker / Impulsive / Extreme / Extreme-Smiley-Face-User / Writer / Righter / Ranter / Rager / Jumps To Conlusions / tl;dr Man / Monologist / Soliloqy Lover / Quadcore Brain / Success Kid / Good Guy Greg / Bad Luck Brian / Scumbag Brain / Hyper-adjective-creator Dude / Rages-on-when-confronted-by-Evil / Short-fuse / Contrary to Popular Belief / :) / :p


  • Work
    • Creative Crowdsourcing Writer
  • Education
    • Seventh-Day Adventist School, Surat
    • H.R. College of Commerce and Economics
    • University of Mumbai