KC Fox

...I would, but until I find a career with that job description, I'm content working for a clean technology start-up and seizing every opportunity that comes my way.

Now for the fun stuff...

1. I always set my alarm to an odd number.

2. At the age of 10 I started subscribing to Dwell Magazine. Still love it.

3. I dream of one day living in Paris...or at least visiting for more than 2 days.

4. To me, competitive isn't an adjective, it's a lifestyle.

5. Dedicated Mac user for 23 years and counting. I love me some OS.

6. Volleyball...er, wait, Civil Engineering was my major in college. (I played collegiate volleyball and deem it my "double major.")

7. I think the Clipper Card is absolutely wonderful.

8. I love the smell of leather and gasoline...but not together

9. Yvon Chouinard and Leonardo da Vinci are my heroes.

10. KC stands for Kristen Carole, but no one has called me Kristen since the

2nd grade.