Kevin Klatt

clinical nutrition, Research Methods, and Molecular Nutrition in Ithaca, New York

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I am a PhD Candidate in Molecular Nutrition in the Division of Nutritional Sciences at Cornell University. My research interests have focused on using traditional biochemical and modern molecular methods to further our understanding nutrient needs/metabolism throughout the reproductive lifespan; our approaches use cell and animal model systems, as well as human controlled feeding trials. I will defend my dissertation on July 20 and, on August 20, begin the Dietetic Internship at the National Institutes of Health. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at

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I have received research funding from NIH, NY State and Industry sources. My personal funding comes from a NIH training grant. Details below:

My personal salary and a fraction of my research funds come from a National Institutes of Health T32 (T32HD087137) focused on Maternal and Child Nutrition. This money has helped to support a clinical trial that I have undertaken (NCT03481608) to assess the impact of dietary lauric acid on the production of a ligand for the orphaned nuclear receptor, LRH1.

While at Cornell, I began a clinical trial of choline supplementation during pregnancy to assess it's impact of omega 3 fatty acid availability during pregnancy and offspring cognition (NCT03194659) that is currently ongoing and will be continued by a post-doc. This trial was funded by Balchem Inc.

My dissertation work examining the impact of choline intake and reproductive life-stage (pregnancy, lactating, non-pregnant) on circulating lysophosphatidylcholine enriched with DHA (LPC-DHA) in a secondary analysis of a controlled feeding trial has received additional funding from a NY State HATCH grant.

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    • Temple University
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