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I'm the Executive Editor of The CRISPR Journal, the founding editor of Nature Genetics and Bio-IT World; former Editor-in-Chief of Cell Press and publisher of C&EN.

In 2017, I won a Guggenheim Fellowship to write a new book on CRISPR and genome editing. EDITING HUMANITY: The CRISPR Revolution and the New Era in Genome Editing is published by Pegasus Books in the US. The book will also be published in China, Japan, South Korea, Italy and Russia.

I'm also the author of:

THE $1,000 GENOME (Free Press, 2010) -- the revolution in next-gen sequencing and personal genomics.

CRACKING THE GENOME (Free Press, 2001) -- published in the UK as THE SEQUENCE and translated into 15 languages;

BREAKTHROUGH (1995, with Michael White); the race to discover BRCA1.

I'm a co-author of DNA: The Story of the Genetics Revolution, with Jim Watson and Andrew Berry (2017, Knopf).

I served as technical consultant on the 2014 film Decoding Annie Parker. (I'm in the credits, right under Aaron Paul's guitar coach.)

I'm represented by Jen Gates at Aevitas Creative. Speaking engagements: the Harry Walker Speakers Bureau.

Contact: davieskev // gmail dot com

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    • MA (Oxford), PhD (London)