Kimberly Dulin

New York, New York

Kimberly Dulin

New York, New York

Hi there! Thank you popping in!

Here are some of the MUST KNOWS about me:

I like to learn about analytics and technology on the regular...and mostly for fun

I am 50% creative and 50% strategic

You know the box we're constantly told to think outside of? Mine is more of a circle that's always spinning. There are no lines to be drawn or corners to cower in when it comes to new ideas.

I live and breathe the startup world, corporate responsibility, social enterprises and the nonprofit sector. #changemakers

I make a mean taco.

I have a unquenchable thirst for knowledge that has allowed me to pursue incredible thoughts and research.

I have energy beyond belief, and I like to use it to support the whole of my work environment (and yes, coffee is partially to blame).

I can't imagine a week without reading. Whether it be a comic book, a thick, gruesome novel, The New Yorker, or my worn-down copy of "King Lear," I always have my eyes glued to text.

I am as much focused and determined as I am creative and quirky. I have a love for working with clients, branding, reaching out to all sorts of publics, social media(ing), and watching the industries I have worked with grow, change, and multiple. Mostly, I love a challenge. I will research and dive into the unknown with as much grace and grit as I can muster.

I adore conversation! Please email me with any questions or topics you may have to discuss! Let's get connected- Ready, set, GO!

  • Work
    • MatchMaker to Skills-Based Volunteers & Nonprofits
  • Education
    • York College of Pennslyvania
    • Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts