Comfortis For Dogs Without Vet Cheap

Student in Long Beach, California

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Hey there,

My name is Kea and I have a story to tell which you guys will probably relate to.

I have a dog named MR. beans, which is a weiner dog. One day, I noticed him scratching and as the days went on he was scratching more and more. Then i realized there was a flea infestation going on not just on him but within the home. I tried many flea treatment remedies, but none worked.

I tried the topical solutions- that failed. I tried capstar for dog- that failed as well.

Then I tried Comfortis for dogs, in an orange box- this one somehow just worked. I was able to get the fleas off my dogs back without a problem and the fleas died off pretty quickly.

The best part is, I didn't even have to wait long and no more failed attempts at getting rid of fleas.

I've had a really good experience using this product and my brother gave one to his little dog has well when they moved out.

Talk to your nearest vet for more information to see if Comfortis is right for you.

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