Keith Engelhardt

With over a decade of Web Developer/Web Design experience, Keith focuses his passion for problem solving and tenacious creativity on enhancing the User Interfaces (UX) and User Experience (UX) of Web Applications and Websites.He is not bashful about sharing his knowledge and expertise and regularly presents at the Dayton Web Developers Group; which he also leads as co-chairman for the group. He is also a member of IgniteTech, UX Dayton and IxDA Cincinnati. Keith is the creator/founder of "NeuroYoga" (tm) and

Keith is a skilled artisan with several decades of experience in photography, and over 7 years' experience in serigraphy. In addition to teaching yoga classes, his eclectic interests include: Jungian psychology, computers, metaphysics, quantum physics, organic gardening, gourmet cooking and cycling. Keith and his wife Beth are avid foodies and he is a very serious amateur gourmet chef. He is also a twin.

As a life philosophy, he seeks to "Develop his highest potential", which he applies to all his endeavors.

Keith is also a yoga and meditation instructor/coach, and certified life coach/mentor. Contact him viaLinkedIn to leverage his coaching/mentoring.