Keith Morris

East Coast

Musician, entrepreneur, web developer/coder and designer. My musical passion is creating guitar poetry ... sounds that inspire an inward journey to a place of beauty that I believe exists within everyone. I'm particularly fond of playing music at night while I gaze up at the moon and stars, letting the music flow freely. What else...I guess you could say I'm obsessed with cultivating inspiration, creativity and vision. I love helping people create what they envision. My interests span everything from music, poetry and art to many forms of technology, culture and nature. I'm fascinated with new ideas, inventions and emerging technologies that support a holistic and sustainable existence with nature. I enjoy exploring the possibilities of code and am founding a web development company right now. I'm a co-founder of the small, artisan tea company - Love & Tea. Co. where we handcraft artisan tea blends. I created the packaging and label designs, I'm also responsible for strategic direction.

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