Keith Jennings

Atlanta, Georgia

Who I am...
A corporate marketer, editorial advisor and writer who specializes in business narrative design—how organizations and professionals share the story of who they are, what they do and why. I also write literary nonfiction and children's poetry.

What I do...
Help organizations and professionals explain who they are and what they do in ways that connect with those who matter.

I head content marketing and editorial strategy for a national healthcare company, where I use business narratives as the fuel powering our research, reputation and referrals. I also analyze and advise companies ready to transition to analytics-driven, adaptive marketing practices.

I like to think of my clients as James Bond and myself as Q. They're the heroes in the field putting their business lives on the line in service to others. My job is to give them the latest tools and technologies—disguised as everyday objects like "about" pages, bios, landing pages and elevator pitches.

Based in Atlanta, I am the father of four children: two biological sons and two adopted daughters from the People's Republic of China. And, despite living in cities across the American South, I wound up marrying a girl from my childhood home of Dalton, Georgia.

My digital home base is