Keith Knutsson

Real Estate Advisor and Real Estate Investor in Tampa, Florida

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Currently the Managing Director for Integrale Advisors, Keith Knutsson is a real estate professional based in Tampa, Florida. Keith Knutsson founded Integrale Advisors in July 2007 in order to capitalize on undervalued properties in Florida; as Managing Director, he maintains control over the firm’s strategic investment approach.

Other projects undertaken by Keith Knutsson include raising $67 million for the purpose of acquiring Florida’s Panama City Airport and securing $125 million in order to finance residential developments in Tampa. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Emory University, where he graduated in 1987. At Columbia University, he earned a Master of Business Administration in Finance, Management, and Marketing, graduating with honors. He completed his education at INSEAD in Paris, France, earning a Master of Business Administration.

Supplementing his academic credentials, Keith Knutsson is a fluent speaker of English and French, and is conversational in Spanish, German, and Swedish. Prior to founding Integrale Advisors, He served in a number of positions, including Vice President for Dollar Rent A Car, Inc. of Florida, and Sponsor Investor and Co-Director for Sodipierre Finance in Paris, France.