Keith E. Martin

Philippines, Indonesia, USA

also known as "Keith Martin". Keith has captured the heart of asia with his smooth ballad of R&B, Pop And Soul Music that brings romantic movie to a new level of heights.

His debut single "I'll Never Find Someone Like You" was the original motion picture soundtrack of the movie "Bad Boys" (1995) starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence

Another debut hit "Because of You" has set the heart of his Asian listeners which becomes a ballad hit taken from his first album "It's long overdue" that set the mark to his success and creating his legacy

in 2012 he produced, composed a hit "You Are My Life" which becomes a unique Wedding Song theme.

He has worked with musician like Boyz II Men, Kenny Lattimore and other solo artist project.

The new alboum "The vision" with his Indonesian hit "Sakit Hati Sampai Mati" is released in 2013 under his direct label "New Direction Music"

He is an aspiring music producer, songwriter and amazing singer. Now Keith Martin is close than ever and there is no stopping with his SOLO project and ninth album on its way.

Grab the new album project "The vision" here (available online only)