Keith R. Bennett

Software Engineer in Reston, Virginia

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(I am keithrbennett on GMail, Github, and Twitter.)


I have a passion for creating value in the form of functional, reliable software. My current focus is Ruby and JRuby, used mostly for back end programming such as data manipulation and automating workflows.

I currently split my time mostly between Reston, Viriginia (a suburb of Washington, DC) and Chiang Mai, Thailand. Let me know if you're looking for a remote team member and I may be helpful to you.

I am equally comfortable as a teacher and developer. As a teacher I can elevate the expertise of Ruby teams by training, mentoring, and code reviewing. As a developer I can write easy-to-use libraries the team can use to avoid dealing with detail and be more productive.

Earlier in my career, I worked with Java, C++, and C. Current interests include functional languages such as Elixir and Clojure.

I am an enthusiastic practitioner of best practices regarding testing, code clarity, and sound design principles such as low coupling and DRY code.


My technical blog is at and; I also write about the human aspects of software development at


I come from a family of teachers, and have enjoyed teaching and tutoring from time to time. A long while back I taught C language at New York University's School of Continuing Education.

Occasionally I've enjoyed speaking at user group meetings and conferences. My slide presentations are at Speakerdeck here. I have YouTube videos of some conference presentations; I can send you links on request.


I am active in technical community such as user group meetings and conferences. I enjoy combining travel with this and have attended conferences in India, the Philippines, France, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada, Thailand, Taiwan, and Singapore, and was a presenter at the first three. I've traveled in Asia, Europe, and Africa, and have varying degrees of expertise in the French, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, and Thai languages.


For fun I like hanging out with friends, swimming, karaoke, traveling, and learning new things.

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