'Writer', 'Artist', 'Musician', Trouble-maker.

I am here:


My nano record-label 19F3 is here: WWW.19f3.ORG

"CRASS IN AFRICA"CD of Petroterritorial electronic Punk available here, via NO LABEL:


Toby Esterhaus 'eP' / Kek-w 'The Courier' CD / Short SF Story split available via Finnish label ERIKOISDANCE here.

And here's the CD I made with Finnish musician Rene Kita, called SUITE TWOth.

I make music, write comics for 2000AD, write for music magazines like Wire, Dazed & Confused, etc.

I did a CAP'N DINOSAUR comic for Image Comics with Shaky Kane.

I wrote a Tumblrbot SUPERSMITHBLR which rips images from the Daily Mail landing-page and pixelfucks them, before autoposting to Tumblr