Kelly Bryan

Burlington NJ

I am destine for greatness, and I maged to find it. I have did it, per my last bio on about me I was in search of, and I have found it.... I opened my own Company KBR Promotion and Booking Agency, LLC We have over 85 of the most amazing bands, We have a television station following us around and we are about to become a billboard!!!! I could not be happier Visit us on facebook, or our website... What we do at KBR is we Kreate Bands Realitiy, and amke your music mean something. In the last 6 months we have become 10 times what we were when we started and are growing fast. DO NOT DOUBT ME!!!! We have managed to Promote businesses through the use of music Example "Lowes" is having a one day sale on Grills, We take that sale and add a live music to the sale. KBR brings in hundreds of people to the day of the sale through the music. For any bands we put them to work with paid gigs through venues, parties, concert tours. We take the starving book author and provide book signings with live music, there is nothing we can not do We KREATE!!!! And Yea I know I spelled that wrong But if u look at K.B.R The K is KREATE, its not the boring old create its the new KREATE with excitement!!!!!

  • Work
    • KBR Promotion and Booking Agency, LLC
  • Education
    • University of Phoenix