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I once wondered if my high school peers would be surprised to learn that the girl they voted "Most Ambitious" was chucking business suits and a nine-to-five schedule for a long stint as a twenty-four-hours at-your-service stay-at-home mom. Realistically, it didn't matter what other people thought. I loved my decision and what I did. But I was never very good at the staying-at-home part. Because of my husband's ongoing support, my kids and I were always on the go. I coined the "Just Do It" motto long before Nike. My hope was that my four children would find life nothing less than fascinating.

With my youngest children now in college, I'm back to pursuing my own lifelong dreams. I'm #writing. My blogs are meant to entertain and inspire and my posts are mostly g-rated. I don't want to have apologize to my pastor for anything I present to the world.

Eventually I'm going to finish my nonfiction book. Until then, my claim to fame is that I selected American Pharoah to win the Kentucky Derby in 2015. My strategy wasn't much more complicated than pulling the name out of a hat. I had a friend who had just earned the role of Pharaoh in Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. That the horse had a talented trainer, a skillful jockey, and a resourceful owner was all bonus.

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