Kelly Duffin-Maxwell

Research & Development in Issaquah, Washington

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Kelly Duffin-Maxwell is a successful professional with years of experience. She has successfully led multiple companies to success. She is best known for her quality standards

Kelly Duffin-Maxwell is currently serving as Senior Vice President of Research & Development/Quality at Continental Mills, Inc.

Kelly Duffin has been serving in the field for 2 decades now and she has successfully served multiple companies in her long yet inspiring career. She served as an Executive Vice President of Research & Development at Dean Foods Co. since April 2008. She also served as the Senior Vice President of Kraft Foods and the director- Basic Flavor and Ingredient Research for North America at the company. Some of her major work includes creating original consumer platforms to accelerate the growth of Kraft Foods. She served as Senior Vice President, Breakthrough Innovation, at Kraft Foods from 2007 to 2008.

While working in Germany, Kelly Duffin-Maxwell successfully led an organization of 350 people across 24 R&D sites in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa for Kraft Foods.