Kelly Hungerford

Lausanne, Switzerland

This is an exciting time to be a marketer. Social media has turned the corner from a mindset of something we "need to do" and has become an integral part of a successful businesses DNA. Marketing is changing from product-centric to people-centric strageties and the voice of the user within the organization is louder than it's ever been before.

New opportunities are arising for end-users and consumers, as well as for businesses. Customer stories are becoming the driving force in a brand's likeability and success, and the bottom-line results are jaw-dropping. But it's not enough just to place people or end-users at the center of your content efforts -- people need to be the center of all your business efforts.

As the customer grows stronger within the organization, radical re-thinking of structure and process is needed to accomodate every company's oldest "new" best-friend; the end-user.

As a marketer and operations specialist, I'm thrilled to wake up each day and explore new tactics and strategies that will help customers, companies and teams succeed. Amazing things can happen on a customer, employee and business level when we put our users center stage.

For the past 20 I've worked hand in hand with enduser communities and customers to connect the dots and build trusting relationships with brands. They've helped me understand exactly what the shift from "product to people" means and how organizations need to manouver to adapt and adjust in order to thrive.

In turn, I have transformed the voice of millions of users into actionable insights to increase customer satisifaction, customer loyalty, new product development, user growth and revenue.

I'd love to exchange ideas with you about how customers are shaping business today.

You can learn more about what drives my passion and the work I on LinkedIn. Follow me on Twitter and let's connect. I look foward to meeting you.

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