Phoenix, Arizona

A native Arizonan I have always loved the desert, particularly the high desert portion of the Sonoran Desert. Raised as a small town girl I bravely ventured to the big city for college and fell in love with Phoenix. Eager to see the world I traveled to Zambia, Africa with a team of friends to serve with Northrise University. Curious to live in another hemisphere I moved to Brazil, South America for 3 months on my own. Returning to Phoenix I am once again hom in the desert.

From here in Phoenix I now have the privilege of serving college students in Africa! Northrise University, in southeastern Africa, began from a dream of two Zambians enjoying the beach and sunshine in Orange County California but being drawn back to the desert of their homeland to transform the nation one student at a time. Just ten years after founding the university with 50 students, Northrise now has over 650 students enrolled in classes. Northrise is in a desert city called Ndola in north-central Zambia, the second largest city in the country. I spend my days connecting Phoenicians with Northrise and making arrangements for my next trip across the ocean. This time I will be far from alone, I will be taking 100 fellow friends of Northrise with me!

  • Work
    • Northrise University
  • Education
    • Camp Verde High School
    • Grand Canyon University
    • Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary