Kelsey Ruzicka

I'm Kelsey! Thank you so much for visiting my website. I am super-crazy-obsessed wit fitness, journaling, yoga and of course, FOOD! I absolutely love creating simple, clean and healthy dishes and then getting to share them with my friends, family and complete strangers. Food is something that can bring everyone in a room together. It's an ultimate goal of mine to show everyone how easy it is to eat clean and still satisfy every single taste bud on the tongue. I want to change everyones perception of deliciousness from fast food, chocolate cake and frozen pizzas... to clean, natural ingredients that will satisfy not only your cravings but shrink your waistline and help assist in becoming a healthier and happier person - inside and out!

I like to specialize many of my recipes to gluten-free, dairy-free as well as vegetarian/vegan! I offer alternative ingredients to most of my recipes to modify to many different lifestyle choices! I have always enjoyed baking and cooking. But my passion for it blossomed after I had lost nearly 60 pounds from eating clean. I made a dedicated lifestyle change/oath to myself and have not turned back since. It feels wonderful to feel healthy inside and out!