Kelsey Parsons

New York, New York

Hi! I'm Kelsey.

I have a passion for writing, experiencing new things, and communicating creatively.

I've worked in the communications departments of various national and international advocacy organizations and my writing has appeared in the Vancouver Sun, Golf Canada Magazine, The Globe and Mail online, and many more online and print publications.

I’m obsessed with everything digital, and I spend way too much time on the Internet.

I've acted in a Ghanaian soap opera, skydived, helped rescue dogs from floods in Thailand, camped with Maasai warriors, bungee jumped, had malaria, scuba dived the Great Barrier Reef, and experienced having my hotel room broken into by a large baboon (he stole crackers).

I'm a citizen of both the United States and Canada.

I've lived in three countries, and I currently call New York City home. I love it.

P.S. Please please please be an organ donor! I'll always be an advocate because 16 years ago someone made that choice and I still have my amazing Dad because of it.

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