Kemila Zsange

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Enabling individuals to overcome personal difficulties and reach their full potential using hypnosis, I offer services, in Vancouver, BC, Canada or via Skype, to help you find wisdom within to interrupt patterns, use power of mind to learn from the depth of your own being and how to be the best you're meant to be. I have successfully treated men, women and children around issues such as weight loss, insomnia, claustrophobia, anxiety and public speaking. I am also specialized in Past Life Regression.

After exploring the world at an earlier age, Kemila found people all over the world are fundamentally the same, despite different languages, skin colours, foods, traditions and customs. In search for the Truth, Kemila then started to get more and more interested in exploring "the universe within" - our minds. After reading many fascinating books about consciousness and subconscious mind, she went to see a hypnotherapist.

This idea "I can do this too" didn't want to let go of her until she signed up for a "Foundation in Hypnotherapy" course, followed by a year long certification course for "Master of Clinical Hypnotherapy", which led to another year of "Counselling Hypnotherapy" course, from which she received her diploma.

Kemila feels she has done hypnotherapy for over 500 years.

  • Work
    • Private Practice of Hypnotherapy
  • Education
    • Diploma of Clinical Counselling-Hypnotherapist