Ken Borteel

I've been deeply privileged to observe and participate in the fascinating evolution of the Internet from its early days as largely a venue for dry, scholarly discussions. After remarkably compressed years of memetic waves, today's wild bazaar of Internet-centric businesses, leading-edge ideas and emotional relationships showcases giant fortunes and startling social developments. Indeed, actual revolutions over the past decade have drawn heavily on the global scope of social media venues.

My background in international travel has only amplified a growing appreciation of the transformational nature of social media and its strong movement toward active participation in branding by formerly passive consumers. I see many older businesses struggling with the implications of social media for strengthening an underlying legacy of goodwill, increasing the reach of branding campaigns and significantly improving customer retention. There's absolutely no reason for any business of any size to miss out on the opportunities for growth from fully embracing the lucrative possibilities of social media.

In my daily work as a social media technologist and marketing strategist, it's hard to miss how the time-consuming nature of social media participation tends to dismay many businesses that understandably prefer to focus on their core activities. The Cloudwalkers project is specifically designed to address the problem of fighting through the jungle of multiple social media platforms and audiences while keeping costs under control and extracting maximum returns. With time-saving features, extensive monitoring of critical metrics and clearly written reports, Cloudwalker invites co-workers to fully engage with social media opportunities without detracting from their other duties.

Please feel free to contact me at any time with questions about the meaning of social media for your business and how social media may be completely integrated into your essential business strategies.

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