Kendall Kildare

Comic Artist and Small Business Owner in New York

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I'm a CEO of a small comic company, dancer, entertainer, graphic designer, gamer and entrepreneur, but first and foremost I am a comic artist.

I try to enjoy life the best I can and have had the pleasure to meet a plethora of interesting people, whether walking the streets or on the internet. I'm am fascinated by the lives of others because we all have a story and I like to hear them. I firmly believe in the power of networking, making connections and helping others find the people they need to build their success.

I will never stop creating. I am always working on a new project, company or idea. Entertaining and helping others is what I do best. The main goal of my life is to build up my main company, and earn enough money to be an angel investor and philanthropist. I want to see others happy and help people be successful.

Get in touch with me if you want. I'm good peoples.

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