In 1998, one of our Founding Partners, Terry Mickelson, was faced with a choice… Do I start a Search Engine Company and call it Google, or do I start a marketing company that focuses on getting my customers traffic from the search engines that currently exist. Well, needless to say, we didn’t start Google, but in 1998 PageViews was started and the rest as they say is a lot of awesomeness and crazy history of success.

Our company slogan used to be, we bring you new customers everyday and over the years we have definitely accomplished that for our customers. One of the things that made us most successful was once upon a time we were a Performance Driven company, what this meant is that our customers paid us when their keywords performed / ranked in Google – holy cow were we successful. We were getting lots of rankings for our customers and making a lot of money and a lot of money for our clients because of that.

However, as the saying goes, change is the only constant. Google switched up their ranking criteria and changed the game for us and everyone still clinging to the SEO game…no more performance driven, ranking driven strategy. Needless to say, the bottom pretty much fell out on our company. No longer were we able to be reliant wholly upon search for our customers to reach their customers. No longer could we follow the model that had made us successful and our clients extremely happy with our service.

What we realized through all of this was, at the end of the day, all our clients really cared about was connecting with their potential customers, engaging with them, and then converting them into actual customers. It didn’t matter what, where or how, the connection just needed to be made.

We found that we were pretty good at a lot of things but really phenomenal at two things – connecting our clients with their target audience online and then converting them into customers or trusted relationships. Nothing else mattered.

From this, we created our proprietary business process called KeneKt2Convert. This process ensures that our customers are connecting and engaging with their customers online…be it Social, Linkedin, Video, Search, whatever, wherever the best place is to be for you to connect with your customers, engage with your customers, and convert your customers.