Ken Gibbs Jr

Ken Gibbs is a digital content executive who specializes in entertainment, technology and African American culture. He is a native of Mattapan, MA, and currently resides in Queens, NY with his wife and son. After launching his digital career under the tutelage of Philppe Wamba at, Ken remained with the product as it was acquired by Time Warner, then merged with Aol to become what is known today as Ken contributed content programming expertise to the launch of Interactive One and the relaunch of and The Real Black Network, before settling into the position of chief operating officer & executive producer of After redesiging, rebuilding and relaunching, bringing the site its first ad campaigns, increasing all measurable metrics by no less than 40% in the year and 8 months he led the team, Ken parted ways with the company. Not long after Ken took a position with BET as the Director of OnTV Operations, where he currently manages the digital footprint for the network shows and the BET Experience.