Ken Guie

I'm a man of many talents. I've experienced a great many things and have studied a great many things. Some of my past accomplishments include graduating with a medical doctorate, a masters of education, and becoming a sales / tech engineer in only 4 months of an internet company! I still haven't been able to find my niche in life as of yet though even with all these skills & more! Here's hoping 2012 is full of more excitement and good things.

For a list of all the things I've done and I'm still involved with in my professional life, click on the link for a full cv. For all the other things I'm up to like my podcast and blog, browse the other links as well!

I'm always looking for new opportunities to help, learn, and grow as well. If you have a cause you think I can help with or an opportunity for me for personal or professional growth, let's get in touch. Choose one of the myriad of ways to contact me below and we'll see what we can do! Thanks!