Ken Guilford

Winnipeg, Manitoba

My volunteer activities
Hello, my name is Ken F Guilford. I am an activist in Winnipeg. I am a NDP (New Demoratic Party) activist as well as a community activist. This means I am ery busy helping people and myself. I am self employed. I own Guilford Enterprises. This company is mostly about different companies. If you wish to learn more will you please ask me. Let me say there is an opportunity for you make as much or more money than I do. God luck to you. There is more!
Having said that I will say I am an all around nice person. I love helping my fellow person in their many

endeavovors. As I said I am very busy doing things. I am doing things with the NDP as follows:

Executive member of committee ofWinnipeg Center NDP Riding
Member of NDP Federal Prairie Breakthrough
Executive Member of committee ofWolesley NDP Provincial Constiruency
Member of NDP Provincial Seniors
Members of NDP Aboriginal Tribunal Council
And many more
As to my community activities I belong to the following:
I am an active member of SocIal Planning Council and sit on the following:
I am a member of City Watch
Winnipeg Transit Riders Association AND
Social Planning Council Make Manitobe Poverty History
I wish to take a business course through Seed, 80 Salter.
I wish to take a course in order to become an advocator. The course is givin by Harold Dyck. I sounds good.
I have listed they volunteer activities in brief. If anyone wishes more information will you please ask. Thank you
Ken F Guilford Guilford.Enterprises@gmail,com
I wish to learn how to make a web page and afterwards make it so I may add material to it. Thank you
My email addresses are and
My phone numbers are landline 204-772-3373 and cell phone is 204-963-7195 Thank you Ken Guilford

  • Work
    • I became retired August, 2012
  • Education
    • Grade 12 and much more