Ken Inoue

United States in Torrance, California

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Ken Inoue is a certified personal trainer from Torrance, California. Mr. Inoue helps his Los Angeles based clients improve their overall well-being by giving them the necessary tools to embrace an active and nutritious lifestyle. His training approach is unique to each individual, though he does place great emphasis on mastering the fundamentals of fitness training. He believes in a holistic strategy, incorporating strength training, cardiovascular, flexibility, and a well-balanced diet.

An avid learner, Mr. Inoue hopes to enrich his Torrance education and pursue a Bachelor of Science degree in Sports and Health Sciences so that he can help current and future clients reach greater levels of confidence in their exercise routines.

When Ken Inoue isn’t leading clients through custom fitness regimens, either at the gym (health protocols permitting) or virtually, he can be found experimenting with new nutritional recipes, expanding his mindfulness with a digital yoga session, and playing with his much-beloved dog.