Ken Ippolito

As the owner of RLI Enterprises, Ken Ippolito oversees several multifamily residential complexes in Canton, Ohio, and manages a successful business renovating apartment buildings. At the helm of RLI Enterprises since 1989, Ken Ippolito brings nearly 30 years’ experience in real estate investing and property management to his position, along with an outstanding record of professionalism in all aspects of his work. Notable for his contributions to the community as well, Mr. Ippolito has provided jobs and housing to homeless individuals, offered temporary, rent-free housing to victims of natural disasters, and trained several lower-level workers for top management roles. When not working, he enjoys watching games played by the Cleveland Browns, Indians, and Cavs.

Mr. Ippolito previously served as president of Ideal Realty Company, an apartment-building broker, and as vice president of Ideal Macaroni Company, a family-owned and -operated pasta-manufacturing business in Cleveland. He holds a bachelor of science in business administration from John Carroll University and is a Certified Commercial Investment Member.