Ken Kaufman CFO

CFO of Community Dental Partners in United States

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Ken Kaufman is the CFO of Community Dental Partners. He is also the host of Net Worth Hacks.

Throughout Kaufman's career as an entrepreneur, he has been honored by numerous awards and accolades. Highlights include:

- V100 Entrepreneur (Signal Peak)

- Top 40 Under 40

- Top 25 Under Five (UVEF)

Net Worth Hacks (podcast)

Fully dedicated to the finance industry throughout the span of his career, Ken Kaufman CFO helps to educate the public about personal finance in a multitude of ways. His weekly podcast, Net Worth Hacks, covers everything from how to overcome a financial crisis to financial success in a marriage. In each episode, Kaufman calls on his personal and professional experiences with finance. Dating back to his undergraduate years at Brigham Young University (BYU), Kaufman has been passionate about financial planning for most of his adult life. He hopes that Net Worth Hacks can help others in establishing a blueprint to buckle down on their personal finance and watch their net worth rise!

Ken Kaufman CFO is the author of Impact Your Business: An allegory of an entrepreneur’s journey to clarity, cash, profit, family, and success. Published in 2010, Kaufman’s book uses the allegory of a character named Steve Loveland in order to teach readers about how to build a framework for success as an entrepreneur. He looks forward to publishing more personal finance and entrepreneurial books in the future.