kenma nya

die in Bitche, France

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(im only using this until i can finish my tumblr byf sorry if it isnt that good)

im oliver. i also go by kenma and nagisa, or just any of my id names. im an autistic, mentally ill white minor. please dont ask about my mental illness unless we are very close.

my ids/kins.


i am kenma kozume. i dont id/kin with him....thats just me. i wont make a huge speech about my likeness and how im him i just am nya. dont follow if you wont see me as him, a.k.a if you id as him or if any of your friends do.


🌦 nagisa shiota

🌦 kaneki ken

kaneki and nagisa still go beyond ids or kins, and i still am 100% them- just not /as/ extremely as kenma. therefore, still please dont follow me if youll see anyone else as them.


🌦 chiaki nanami

🌦 katsuhira agata

🌦 ciel phantomhive

🌦 shinji ikari

i have more ids but these are the most important ones. dont follow if you id as thhem pleasee. but if you have friends who id as them, i guess its fine to follow (id preffer not? but its up to you)


⛈ cat (specifically birman)

⛈ ai (artificial intelligence)

⛈ glitch

⛈ fallen angel

its 100% fine to follow if you share these and id actually enjoy to meet you if you do.