Kenneth Park

Kenneth Park

My name is Ken. I also go by Kenny, Kenneth, Dad, Grandpa and I am sure other names too. I am glad you came by.

I live a nice quiet life with my wife Margaret in Utah. I have five children of my own. They have given me 9 grandchildren. Margaret, being my second wife of 20 years now has also given me 4 of her kids to know and also 8 more grandchildren. I have been blessed.

I believe to be a humble man. A loving and caring man always trying to place others first, whether they be family, friends or the church. I believe to be a Godly man putting my Lord, Jesus Christ at the top of it all.

So why did I bring you here? Well my life may not be to exciting, but I would like to share some of it with you. I feel it is important to share our past to the future generations that come. Our life can be a rich experience of a time that is passed. The people, places, dates, and most of all, the stories will combine into a priceless collection of memories.

Now that i got your attention, click on the link and come experience my time.