Kenneth Bolido

Rochester, New York, United States

Hey there, my name is Ken and I'm a film student at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

Beyond school, I have been working on YouTube projects for the past couple of years. Since I've started, I've amassed over 1.5 million total views and have over 5,000 subscribers. My focus is currently set on my channel 'FullCircleReviews', a channel that revolves around my interest in Anime subculture. If you're curious, check out the sample video above or click the YouTube link below to see my channel.

Beyond watching Anime [a lot] and making content for FullCircle, I regularly contribute to the 'J-Taku' podcast, a branch of YouTube's most popular Anime podcast 'PodTaku'.

As you can see, I hold on to my interests very closely to the point where it heavily influences how I spend my time and express my creativity. With that said, I live for this stuff, and therefore put my heart and soul into everything that I make.

My ultimate goal is to make content that people want to see. Its a common goal, but its something that can be lost rather easily. Its something that drives what I do.

  • Work
    • Youtube Partner
  • Education
    • Film and Animation BFA @ The Rochester Institute of Technology