Kenneth Goh

My name is Kenneth. I am an undergraduate at NTU's Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information. I am currently freelancing as a writer and have written for a couple of newspapers and magazines. I love translating experiences, sights and sounds into words and watch them conjure magic up in print. My vision is literally filled with words now as my current time is split between work at the newspaper and juggling fLIPR Magazine and I like to think myself as versatile and hope to widen my horizons and writing boundaries. I have written for tweens and their issues (Teenage Magazine), Food and travelling ( Food & Travel Magazine, The Food Newsgazine), student lifestyle ( The Nanyang Chronicle, Synapse), parenting ( Singapore’s Child), the environment ( Eco Express) & events ( Chingay, Beyond Welfare Services) and generally lifestyle (fLIPR Magazine). Well, other than writing, I live to eat. So it is a very unhealthy combination. Finding food haunts and queuing for food is weekend routine as I just enjoy scouring around for treasured gems that are edible.