Kenneth Chernow

Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth Chernow is a versatile movie industry veteran whose credits include a wide variety of different positions and jobs. Since moving to Los Angeles in 2005 to continue pursuing his production career, he has worked on nearly 50 films, commercials, and other formats of media. In addition to serving as a producer and director on several productions, he has also worked extensively with lighting and camerawork, and has experience in nearly every aspect of filmmaking. Formerly in the U.S. Air Force, Chernow is also experienced with flight and various kinds of aircraft. The combination of experience in these two areas is what allowed him to start his Sky High Cinema company shortly after moving to L.A..

Sky High Cinema specializes in providing low-altitude filming and aerial photography for all kinds of media productions. Sky High uses both scale-model and full sized helicopters with camera mounts to capture footage and photos that otherwise would be impossible to get on film. Sky High is perfect for capturing those tricky elevated POV sequences and high angle shots, in addition to many other specialties.

Sky High also provides film-ready aircraft replicas for smaller budgeted projects that are looking for certain types of aircraft but can’t afford the real thing. If your ultra-low budget production’s script calls for a Harrier Jet, but you don’t want to break the bank, Sky High can provide the model (indistinguishable from the real craft on film) as well as offer cutting-edge, low-altitude aerial cinematography.

  • Work
    • Sky High Cinema
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    • University of Arizona