Kenneth Tang

Teacher, Writer, and Father in Malaysia

Kenneth Tang

Teacher, Writer, and Father in Malaysia

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Riddle me this, O' Traveler:

Do we live in a world of shadows punctuated occasionally by temporary beacons of impermanent Light, or do we live in a world of Light punctuated by temporary spots of darkness?

Amidst willowy mists I stand,
Waters beckon to fallen leaves,
Shadows dance on the lake.

Leaves fall...

Hear the Silence amidst the Symphony of Life,
Feel the Stillness amidst its Rhythms,
Embrace the Solitude amidst the roaring crowd.

I see the star-filled night,

Millions of stars looking down deep into my heart,
And I, looking up deep into their souls.
We are brothers, separated by light years,
Yet of the same substance.

Same cause. Same destiny: The Glory of the Heavens.

If you would speak to me, O' Traveler, speak to me in Words of Fire, or speak not at all.

For my heart blows cold like the winds of winter,
Winds that seem to freeze the very blood in my veins
With the dictates of a life rigid with false rules.
How fiery they rage and yet how fleeting,
Living for a time, then vanishing with snow's blossoms.

Most times the Universe, and Life itself, seem a great Mystery: impenetrable by the likes of me, a mere mortal.

At those times I feel small and insignificant, and yet on rare occasions of Clarity, I see that I am the Universe, and that I am Life.

And the Great Mystic Law runs through me. But most times, being mortal, I forget, and run around like a headless chicken lost in a fog.

May YOU live Awake...most of the time.

For, leaves fall...

...and we are no more.

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