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Kenny Habul Greenwich, CT is an Australian born race car driver living in Greenwich, CT. He started his race car driving career at the age of 6 when he started karting, and has participated in Formula, V8, CASCAR, NASCAR, NASCAR Trucks, and SportCar racing. Kenny also holds a law degree from Bond University.

Mr. Habul is the President and CEO of SunEnergy1, a commercial solar provider. Kenny Habul started in solar in 1996 and is recognized as a leader in sustainable building technology. He was partner of Habul Brothers Luxury Home Construction, a preeminent builder in Queensland, Australia.

As of January 2021, Kenny races in a Mercedes AMG GT3 Evo, which boasts an AMG 6.3 liter V8 Naturally Aspirated engine with a 6 speed sequential transmission. The optimized traction control is designed to give maximum performance while reducing tire wear. This vehicle goes over 200 MPH and comes in around $478,000 USD.

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