Ken Lim

Architect, Project Manager, and Designer in Los Angeles, California

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Healthcare Information Technology Product Architect
Founder of

Currently living at the intersection of healthcare and technology. Progressive healthcare IT Architect specializing in enterprise healthcare system integration, optimization, federal regulatory requirements (meaningful use), and consumer healthcare software development.

Things I'm passionate about includes:

> Drive healthcare IT will have on leading patient care delivery and providing synergy in the healthcare value chain between providers, producer, and payers.

> Digital unification of all stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem for all its benefits specifically for the future of personalized medicine.

> Innovative healthcare technology development and entrepreneurship specifically in personal healthcare applications development (PHR, mhealths, and Discovery Platforms) that could lead to patient empowerment in preventive care and personal healthcare cost management.

If it's hard and never been done before in healthcare IT, I'd like to work on it.

Status quo destruction.