Ken Rury

Real Estate Broker in Poulsbo, Washington

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Blogger, guest speaker and Real Estate Broker with a passion for Community Service. Call/text me at 253-576-1892 to see how I can help!


Over the last 35 years I have lived all over the Greater Kitsap area. Community is a place that makes you feel welcome and cares about you so I provide free social media sites and advice for Kitsap communities, military, nonprofits and small businesses. I'm also a member of the local Chamber of Commerce. Contact me to find a home where you can be part of a community.


You can't have community without being charitable toward each other. I started a blog on Facebook where I write about a different charity every day and I create a social media experience with photos and videos to promote their message. I am also a member of the Lions Club which supports nonprofits and the community.


A home is not just a physical place but everything that stands for: family, security, and community. I love to meet new people and help them connect. I raised my daughter as a single parent and am a proud dog owner.

Community Sponsorship

Kitsap Cares Homes sponsors my blogging and community efforts. When I sell real estate I am connecting with people at a very personal level. It is a sacred responsibility and I desire to promote community, charity and a sense of home with whom I work with. I back that up by donating 10% of my commission to charity and if I can't help you I will refer you to someone that can, anywhere in the U.S.

As a true professional I will acknowledge what I don't know, but find the answer, so you can be confident in the outcome. No B.S.

In Kitsap We Care!

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