Ken Rury

Photographer and photo restorer in Poulsbo, Washington

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I am retired, a philanthropist, genealogist, videographer, photographer, photo restorer and Koi hobbyist with a passion for Community Service.



Over the last 42 years, I have lived all over the Greater Kitsap area. Community is a place that makes you feel welcome and cares about you, so I provide free social media sites and info for Kitsap communities, military, nonprofits, small businesses and hobbies. My social media links are at the bottom.


You can't have community without being charitable toward each other. I started a blog on Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest where I write about charities. Kitsap Cares is a Facebook group where you can post things that you think we should care about. I am also a volunteer at Poulsbo Historical Society and Museums.

If you would like to show your appreciation for my free photo restorations, you can donate to PayPal.Me or buy a picture when they become available.

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