Ken Shen Robinson

San Francisco

Hi! I'm Ken, champion of well-defined product design and defender against tangential feature requests. I'm on a mission to be the most innovative, forward-thinking Product Manager possible.

A Product Manager by instinct, I'm a master in the art of building consensus and keeping the product vision on track with a finely groomed backlog that refuses to stray from the core product vision as sprints progress. I don't consider my job done until user engagement data shows users are happily satisfied and stakeholder needs are met. I don't believe in "Fake it till you make it" -- I'd rather break it till I make it.

As Product owner, product requirement documents, user stories, product roadmaps, flowcharts, wireframes, technical spec docs, mockups, analytics and user feedback mechanisms are just some of my weapons of choice. Some people call me OCD, but my detail-obsessed habits help me streamline work across diverse teams beyond the product team.

Most of my past projects have been focused on educating people with information that empowers them to make the world a better, safer place. My specialties include Product Management, Product Development, Web Project Management, Agile Product Development, User Stories, User Interface and User Experience.

  • Education
    • UCLA