Kent Morgan

Realtor in New York

Visit my website is the solution to the problems of owners needing to find
property management for short term vacation rentals. The NY-based
property management firm specializes in short term vacation rentals and
provides one-stop shopping for hassle free service. The company is
recognized as a major player in short term real estate property
management, and the full-service team currently handles hundreds of
properties throughout the US and abroad. Two areas of concentration are
focused on the following concepts in short term vacation rentals:

* Making the rental process easy for owners by handling all aspects.

* Providing excellent support 24/7 and delivering outstanding customer service to those leasing short term properties.

The Part of Property Management in the Past Which Fixes: took innovation one step further by providing a little
old-fashioned common sense. Traditionally short term vacation property
management centered around creating unrealistic expectations for
property owners and slowly introducing them to the reality of high
commissions and excessive fees. Many owners who had bad relationships
with property management companies decided to try vacation property
listing specialists, who minored in property management. By tossing
their home in with a vast group of others, pricing became the main
concern, and their property lost its perceived rental value. Realizing
that owners had sacrificed quality service for a “fast food” type of
thinking became evident as properties were poorly maintained and managed
by companies whose business model most closely resemble the discount
chains. is Different:

1FineFlat treats both
sides of the equation with the same respect and professional service
they deserve. For the property owners, they concentrate on maintaining a
low-cost solution to highly valued short term vacation management
needs. As for the vacationers leasing the property they receive the most
well-maintained properties possible with fair pricing and 24/7
emergency service. 1FineFlat fixes in a short time what took the
property management industry years to clutter up.