Life Coach, Neuro mindfulness coach, and Public Speaker in Florida

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I coach and advise impaired physicians, the elderly, and I promote young musicians and artists to find their mission vision and epistemological values. Florida Supreme Court certified county mediator/medical, business coach. Business Management ball, st pete college Nursing Home and administration. Safety Engineering Liberty Mutual Insurance, Detroit, MI Special Ed Consultant St. Paul Public Schools/u of Minnesota- Great Cities Project College Teaching TAmpa College Business Admin GIFTED education curriculum- Science/Chemistry (USF.EDU) LEE ACADEMY. INTERCULTURAL Management Bicultural Tech Transfer- Teheran, Iran. 2 year clinically, Health/aging Harvard Medical School Training Meditation/ Benson Mind-Body Institute, Boston, Ma. Trained with dr Dan brown visualization & meditation/non-conceptual. Former licensed real estate broker form a licensed real estate agent form a notary public and former social worker for the agency health and rehabilitative services specializing in medically needy and the aged. I’ve written articles on school of ministration, get the ridge Acacian, curriculum in science chemistry gifted education. Internationally I’ve written three volumes of management studies in English and translated in the Farsi with the help of a counterpart in Iran. I have lived in your Ron India Russia Sri Lanka starting with many many gurus, psychic healers and mystics. I have had fellowship said Georgetown University northeastern I have studied at Hillsdale College Berkeley University Minnesota and I have had many many Native American indigenous friends and women who have taught me everything I know. I simply stand on the shoulders of goddesses and Giants

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